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Gil Chu elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

(September 26, 2018)


Inga Jarmoskaite (Postdoc, Herschlag Lab) won a poster prize at the 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation!

(July 20, 2018)

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Stanford researchers map intricacies of lung cancer in one of their own


When James Spudich was diagnosed with lung cancer, researchers had a rare, and unexpected, opportunity to study healthy and diseased human tissue at an unprecedented level of detail.  (May 3, 2018)

Raj Rohatgi elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation!

Congratulations Raj! More information can be found here

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The Rohatgi lab has published two new papers on Hedgehog and WNT signaling:

"G protein–coupled receptors control the sensitivity of cells to the morphogen Sonic Hedgehog" featured on the cover of Science Signaling

Click here to read the paper!

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"R-spondins can potentiate WNT signaling without LGRs" in eLife.

Link to the paper can be found here!

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Katie Amberg-Johnson from the Yeh lab awarded an Insight Data Science Fellowship. Congratulations!!

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The Rohatgi lab has published a paper in Developmental Cell featured on the journal cover page:

CRISPR Screens Uncover Genes that Regulate Target Cell Sensitivity to the Morphogen Sonic Hedgehog.


The Yeh lab has published two new papers:


ATG8 Is Essential Specifically for an Autophagy-Independent Function in Apicoplast Biogenesis in Blood-Stage Malaria Parasites

Click here to read!


Specific Inhibition of the Bifunctional Farnesyl/Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate Synthase in Malaria Parasites via a New Small-Molecule Binding Site.

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Salzman lab publishes paper in PLoS Genetics!

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Assistant Professor, Lingyin Li, wins Ono Pharma Foundation Award for Breakthrough Science Initiative! 

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Yeh lab's Katie Amberg-Johnson has a new paper in Elife, which was also highlighted in Bugbitten! Her paper can be found here!

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Assistant Professor, Lingyin Li, receives a New Innovator Award! More information can be found here. Congratulations Lingyin!

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Straight lab publishes paper in Developmental Cell! Read it here!


Second year chemistry student, Jackie Carozza, is a recipient of this year's Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship.

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Graduate student, Jenifer Brown, awarded an NSF graduate research fellow!

Mouse lemur could serve as ideal model for human disease

Stanford researchers have identified more than 20 mouse lemurs with genetic traits for conditions such as heart disease and eye problems, making the tiny primates potentially useful for understanding diseases in humans. (June 7, 2017)

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Frontiers in Biology with Pat Brown  

"Replacing the world's most destructive industry"  (April 26, 2017)

Click here for seminar video

or here for more stable video


What chill mice can teach us about keeping calm

Scientists at Stanford University may have uncovered for the first time why taking deep breaths can be so calming.  (April 5, 2017)

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Ellen Yeh named in first cohort of Chan Zuckerberg Biohub investigator

(Feb 8, 2017)

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Stanford Genome Technology Center develops "lab on a chip", costing 1 cent to make

Cheap and reusable diagnostic “lab on a chip” has the potential to enhance diagnostic capabilities around the world, especially in developing countries.  (Feb 6, 2017)

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The ‘Impossible’ Veggie Burger: A Tech Industry Answer to the Big Mac

. . . on a frigid Monday in December, Mr. Motz sat down for a burger that promised to be unlike any he had eaten before. He was at Momofuku Nishi, a new restaurant from the celebrity chef David Chang, and he had come to eat the Impossible Burger. . .  (Jan 13, 2017)

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Peter Kim to lead the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub project on infectious disease

(Oct 26, 2016)

Read full article here

Joe De Risi (formerly of Brown Lab) will co-lead the Bay Area Biohub created by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative  

(Sept 21, 2016)

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Mark Krasnow elected to the National Academy of Medicine

(Oct 18, 2016)

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Conducting biological research in space

with astronaut Kate Rubins, former grad student from the Brown Lab.  (June 30, 2016)

Live from space

On Sept. 29, 2016 Stanford held a live chat with Kate in the Space Station


The puzzle solver

A researcher changes course to help his son.  (Spring 2016)

Read full article here




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Phil  Beachy has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Katharine Berkan Judd Award

Established in 1936, the Award recognizes individuals who have made the greatest advancements in understanding cancer through basic discovery

Researchers release video game to help build a better test for tuberculosis

Rhiju Das says a game like Eterna Medicine could someday enable citizen-scientists to invent their own pharmaceuticals.  (May 2, 2016)     

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Frontiers in Biology & The 2016 Katharine D. McCormick Distinguished Lecture

Jennifer Doudna presents, "CRISPR Biology and the New Era of Genome Engineering".  (March 9, 2016)

Video link:

Kevin Yackle

Kevin Yackle

Peng Li

Peng Li

A sigh is not JUST a sigh

Heaving an unconscious sigh is a life-sustaining reflex that helps preserve lung function.  (Feb 8, 2016)

Read full article here

Ron Davis

Ron Davis

What your sweat reveals about your health

New technology may soon be able to measure what's in your sweat and reveal information about your health.  (Jan 27, 2016)

Read full article here. 


Fabian Ortega

Fabian Ortega

Theriot lab member Fabian Ortega highlighted in #NextGreatDiscovery article

Read article here

Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis

Researchers design cheaper, faster, more accurate test to identify gene defects in heart patients

A new technique could eventually enable doctors to diagnose genetic heart diseases by rapidly scanning more than 85 genes known to cause cardiac anomalies.  (Aug 11, 2015)


Paul L. Modrich, former student of founding Biochemistry faculty member Bob Lehman, is awarded 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Tomas Lindahl and Aziz Sancar

DNA Repair - providing chemical stability for life 

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Julia Salzman is awarded 2015 McCormick-Gabilan Fellowship!

The  McCormick-Gabilan Fellowship awards recipients with funding for research and related expenses, including those related to professional development. The source of the award is a generous gift to Stanford University from the Gabilan family.  The gift is intended to support the advancement of faculty women in science. The Gabilan Fellows represent a group of faculty whose fellowship aims to contribute to the support of women in the sciences and engineering at Stanford. The Fellowship is awarded by the Provost after nomination from department chairs and deans.

See list at

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Rachel Gomez v2.jpg

Steven Barrett and Rachel Gomez awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions.

2014 Awardees
Clayton Brown – Current Graduate Student
Maia Kinnebrew – Incoming Graduate Student
Margaux Pinney – Incoming Graduate Student

2014 Honorable Mentions
Brian Alford – Current Graduate Student
Chao Liu – Current Graduate Student

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Rhiju Das awarded the ACS COMP OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

Rhiju is a recipient of the ACS COMP OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, which provides $1,000 to up to four outstanding tenure-track junior faculty members to present their work in COMP symposia at the Spring 2015 Denver, CO ACS National Meeting. The Awards are designed to assist new faculty members in gaining visibility within the COMP community.  (Jan 28, 2015)

Read full article here

Paul Berg

Paul Berg

Let's Hit 'Pause' Before Altering Humankind

Two Nobel laureates on gene technology capable of making changes that are heritable by generations to come. 

Modern biological research continues to generate new technology at a staggering pace, bringing to society new challenges and new opportunities. A recent appearance is the so-called CRISPR/Cas9 technology for altering genes in the body's cells, including, most troublingly, early embryonic cells.  (April 8, 2015)

Read full article here.


Phil Beachy

Phil Beachy

Drug may prevent development of invasive bladder cancer, researchers say

A drug already approved for use in humans may prevent invasive bladder cancer, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.  (Oct 13, 2014)

Read full article here.

Gamers: The new face of scientific research?

Das and EteRNA’s co-inventor, Adrien Treuille, PhD, (now at Carnegie Mellon University) think the gaming approach to biology offers some distinct – and to many scientists, perhaps unexpected – advantages over the more-traditional scientific method by which scientists solve problems: form a hypothesis, rigorously test it in your lab under controlled conditions, and keep it all to yourself until you at last submit your methods, data and conclusions to a journal for peer review and, if all goes well, publication.  (Oct 6, 2014)

Read full article here.

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Assistant Professor Salzman selected for 2014 Sloan fellowship

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of 126 outstanding U.S. and Canadian researchers as recipients of the 2014 Sloan Research Fellowships. Awarded annually since 1955, the fellowships are given to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them as rising stars, the next generation of scientific leaders.  (April 7, 2014)

Read more by clicking here

Julie Theriot

Julie Theriot

K.C. Huang

K.C. Huang

Research leads to new understanding of how cells grow and shrink

Researchers use new techniques to document how cells can conceal growth and then suddenly swell up. The study is a paradigm shift in understanding "osmotic shock" and may lead to new strategies for fighting bacterial diseases.  (May 15, 2014)

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The Arthur Kornberg and Paul Berg Lifetime Achievement Award in Biomedical Sciences



2015     Ronald Vale, PhD '85 | Richard Lifton, MD PhD '86

2014     Tania A. Baker, PhD ’88 | William B. Wood, PhD '64

2013     Jeremy H. Nathans, PhD ’86, MD ’87 | Louis F. Reichardt, PhD ’72

2012     James A. Spudich, PhD '68 |  Frederick W. Alt, PhD ’79 

2011      Randy W. Schekman, PhD ’75 | Thomas E. Shenk, PhD, PD ’73